Nox player authentication is required

If you face the ‘Unable To Authenticate’ error or “Nox player authentication is required “ error, these two errors appear for one reason. When you try to play a game in the Nox player emulator application, this error will appear. If you are looking for a reliable path to fix this error, then try the solutions mentioned here.

There are some games that need  GPS enabled and those players are required to roam outside to easily capture games. Most commonly, some of those players required Android emulators to run these types of games on their PC such as Nox player. Basically, players will face this “Nox player authentication is required” error when they are login to the Android emulator. Because of the recent updates, The error will occur.

How Fix “Nox player authentication is required”?

Note: If you face such an issue, then try to use an Android older version such as Android Nougat and it is better to never ever update the Nox player emulator. If so,

  • First, Open the Nox Player that is installed on your PC.
  • Start and log in to a  Game.
  • If you face the error – ‘Nox player authentication is required, then,
  • Open the Nox player  settings
  • Tap on General Settings
  • Uncheck the Root box.
  • Now you have to disable the GPS
  • Open a game on your phone.
  • Now a pop-up will appear as your GPS is disabled.
  • Then you have to restart your PC and Open the game via Nox Player
  • Log in to your same account.
  • Now the game starts playing

This trick will work for the error “Nox player authentication is required”. However, downloading Nox player is the best solution to get android apps and other apps to your PC without any messing.

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