Nox player backup

Nox player is one of the most popular android emulator applications that are freely available for download.  It is an activity in the development android emulator. Nox player is a frequently updated app so you can easily move to the new update to get updated features and ensure stability. If you still have not downloaded Nox player, then try the app download link here to download Nox player. Then you can easily download it within a few seconds. Here Nox player backup and restore supportive from previous versions of the emulator. So do not get fear to upgrade the Nox player as it comes with the most advanced Nox player backup and restores functionality. 

This data backup and restore feature was introduced with the Nox player 2.5.1 and does not support all the above versions. This is a useful application and it will be very important t when you want to reinstall the Nox player without losing your device data.(Windows/ Mac) So let’s see how Nox player backup will work. 

How to  Backup and Restore Files- Nox Player?

Here you can follow the below steps to backup and restore your device data using the nox app player. 

  1. Tap on the Multi-drive shortcut on the desktop or the Multiplayer button on the sidebar. Then you can open a Multi-instance management panel.
  2. Then you have to click the Backup/Restore button.  then select back-up if you want to back up. Here your backup file will save. The format for that is a vmdk file.

Note: If your Nox instance is not launched then,  the Backup/Restore button is accessible. If the instance is still running, first you have to stop it. After that, you will be able to see the Backup/Restore button.

  1. Tap on backup and restore
  2. You have to tap on “OK” after the Nox player backup process is successfully completed.

To restore, 

  1. Create a new instance
  2. Click the Backup/Restore button again
  3. Select  restore 
  4. Open the backup file 
  5. Now you can restore data. 

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