Nox player best settings

Nox player is the most recommended android emulator application. Now you can directly download Nox player from the internet and here you can follow the application download link as well. Nox player is one of the most popular emulators used for playing games. The main reason for the use of the Nox Player on Windows/ Mac is, the ability to customize and the availability of allocating CPU and RAM resources for games. So let’s see those Nox player best settings that come to increase the efficiency.

What are the Nox player best settings?

Mainly it devices into three sectors. Those are, 

  • Performance Settings
  • Game Settings
  • System settings

Performance Settings

CPU: Same as your CPU Cores

RAM: Same as your Ram

Rendering Mode =  DirectX OR OpenGL (Only for old systems)

Resolution Setting: This depends on the screen size

Game settings

Frame Rate: Set it to 60

Mouse Acceleration: Enable 

Open ASTC Texture: Enable (This depends on games)

System Settings

Process Priority: High

Think that you start a game in Memu Emulator, then do the following :

  • First press Alt+Tab.
  • Then go to the desktop.
  • Now start Task Manager.
  • Find for Nox Player
  • Set priority as HIGH.

Allocated Virtual Memory: Double actual RAM

Virtual memory must double the actual RAM. Here it is used while the system runs out of the Ram, the more you have, the support it better. 

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