Nox player can’t download apps

Nox player is a wonderful mobile emulator application. It comes with massive device compatibility and simply you can enjoy many more facilities with this wonderful application. Nox player supports you to get mobile apps to your computer and by following the application download link, now you can freely download nox player for your computer.   When you used this player, if the Nox player can’t download apps, then you have to follow other interesting solutions. If you are a Nox fan, then you should know about this. By the way, if you planned to download Nox player, then you should know how to fix the error, Nox player can’t download apps. 

How do you fix NOX player who cannot download apps?

Nox player allows you to download and install mobile android apps to your PC. This process is entirely free. By the way, this is the only supported way to get mobile apps to your PC and through the nox player, you can enjoy many more benefits. Nox player performed well. But if you could not able to download apps with Nox, then you can follow the below simple instructions. 

Step01. First, you have to tap on my computer icon on the sidebar of the Nox player application >> then you have to import File >> After that, you have to open the Local Shared Folder.

Step02. Then you have to go to the main folder/ parent folder of the My Document.

Step03. Then you have to right-click on My Documents. Then you have to tap on the Properties section. >> then navigate Locations >> tap on restoring default >> then you have to tap on OK

Step04. Now you have to restart the Nox player. Here you can fix the error. 

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