Nox player controller setup

Nox player wonderful application that you can use to get android facilities to your PC. This is a free application and using the application download link that we attached here you can easily download Nox player. When concerned about the Nox player controller setup, there you have to follow simple steps.


How to proceed Nox player controller setup?

As the beginning step, you have to plug the controller into your PC device. Then you have to simply tap on the Controller configuration button. You can find it on the sidebar of Nox player. Then you have to select the controller. You can find it from the drop-down list. To connect it you have to click on it. If you could not be able to find your device on the list, then you have to refresh it for few times. Then check it again. Then you can check whether you have a properly installed controller driver. 

Control ARPG characters/skills

  • You have to tap on the keyboard mapping button. You can find it on the sidebar.
  • Drag the d-pad button to the direction of the control button locates. There you can see default control keys are WASD.
  • Select skill buttons. Then assign preferred keys.
  • Save settings of key mapping.

To hide Nox player controller settings 

  • Open the NOX main window 
  • On your right-hand side, you can find a Simulate Touch button
  • Click on it 
  • You will see a UI will appear
  • Click the Save button(
  • Reduce the transparency, for that slider it to ‘hide’.

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