Nox Player Magisk

Magisk is a popular app among Android rooters. It can integrate with Nox Player as well. In this guide, we intend to enlighten you on what are the requirements to use Nox Player Magisk and how to install Magisk onto Nox Player.

Requirements to Use Nox Player Magisk

  • Android x86 project such as BlissOS 11 (Android 9), BlissOS 14 (Android 11), PrimeOS (Android 11), …
  • Nox Android Emulator that Magisk can work properly.
  • A smartphone, phablet, or tablet running on Android 9 or upper version.

How to Install Nox Player Magisk

  1. Go to Nox emulator settings and enable built-in Root and Reboot options.
  2. Run Magisk Installer script with root access.
  3. Go to Install or Update Magisk > Select Magisk build > and install Magisk into the system.
  4. Now go to Nox Player settings and disable built-in Root and Reboot options.

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