Nox Player Screenshot

Taking screenshots is important everywhere. It does apply to when using Nox Android Emulator as well. In Nox versions above 2.5.1, it saves all the Nox Player Screenshots you take, automatically in the Nox Player, as well as on your computer. You must make sure that you have turned on the root function to use this Nox Player Screenshot feature.

How to Use the Nox Player Screenshot Function

  1. Click the Scissor icon on the sidebar to take a Nox Player Screenshot. All the screenshots you take can be viewed in Gallery.
  2. Click on the small computer sign on the sidebar > go to Import File-Open Local Shared Folder > open the Image folder > then you will be able to find the screenshot that you just took.
  3. You can input the location of the file directly in the file window of your computer to open the shared folder. Its location is C:\Users\【Your account name】\Documents\Nox_share.

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