Nox Player vs Bluestacks

The main difference between Nox Player and BlueStacks is that they are two separate Android emulators. Both of them are popular among PC users. But if you are a newbie who is wondering which emulator to choose, you must go through the features of Nox Player vs Bluestacks.

Nox Player vs Bluestacks – Differences

  • Efficient CPU Consumption: BlueStacks 5 has outshined all the emulators, consuming about 10% CPU and Nox App Player has consumed 37% more CPU resources with a notable lag in app performance.
  • App Player Boot Times: BlueStacks 5 is the fastest with 12 seconds of boot time and Nox is a whopping 91% slower, with a lot of waiting.
  • RAM Consumption (Single Instance): BlueStacks consumes the least amount of RAM and the Nox Player takes up to 53% extra RAM putting a lot of strain on the system.
  • RAM Consumption (Multiple Instances): BlueStacks 5 requires the least amount of RAM and Nox uses 70% of RAM.
  • Geekbench Score (Single & Multi-Core): BlueStacks 5 is at par with MEmu with a negligible difference and Nox scored 17% less for both.

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