Nox Pokemon Go


Pokémon series is one of the most popular mobile gaming series globally, and pokemon go is another interesting Classic AR adventure game that gives you an incredible experience. This new game rated in top rankings and provide unlimited adventures for you. Nintendo developed the Pokémon series and now you can easily download Pokémon series directly from the internet for your iOS and Android operating system. Among gamers, pokémon go gained maximum popularity and however it is, still pokémon go available only for limited countries.

Nox Pokemon Go

Pokémon go support several mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. But now you can download pokémon go on pc with noxplayer. This works better and for a faint gaming community now this facility freely available. Pokémon go on pc with noxplayer is a wonderful method and now this facility is not limited to your phone, pc users also get this wonderful gaming experience after download pokémon go for nox player.

More About Pokemon Go Nox Player

With noxplayer now it enables plenty of recent gaming experience on your pc while using the keyboard, and the mouse. Mouse and Keyboard will make users more energetic and it controls the gaming method and menu very well. If you are interested now you can join the noxplayer gaming community. As we know, pokemon support only limited countries. But with noxplayer, it expanded the compatibility, and now it available anywhere for windows pc with noxplayer. Now it is no need to leave the desk and set of Pokémons.

Nox Pokemon Go

Pokémon go is become trending among millions of game lovers as soon as it arrives in the market. Because of this wide range of popularity sometimes you may have to use multiple user names to log in to the game. It is very easy to log in to the game. But you have to use several usernames because there are plenty of existing names. Pokémon go is a mobile application. So people were excited and find a reliable way to play pokemon go on PC. Now it is possible with noxplayer.

There are several mobile emulators that can find in the public. But noxplayer app is a great solution as it does not include limitations and restrictions. Some mobile emulators require root access to works with it. But noxplayer app working independently without forcing root access. So people could able to download the noxplayer app free and download multiple games such as Pokémon go from google.

Can you still Play Pokemon Go on NOX?

Nox Player is a top-ranking mobile emulator that is specially designed to make users more comfortable while downloading games. Here you can easily change application settings. Noxplayer all rights reserved for install games. You can visit the official noxplayer website to get all the right details and learn everything about the app.

You can easily play the Pokémon go game on your phone and using noxplayer on pc. Play pokémon go is something interesting game. Those people who play it, like, comment, and post several positive remarks. With the noxplayer, location is not needed or important as it supports any location. The pokémon go released with limited location compatibility. With the option for pokémon go with noxplayer, you can play the game in any location.

The latest android emulator offers additional features. We can easily root the app taking two minutes and here we can use fake GPS location as well. Your current location is not important here. All those features could be able to make the Noxplayer the best player for Pokemon go. Not only for pokémon go, noxplayer rights reserved for many games. For pokémon, this has been considered the best.

Requirements - Playing Pokemon go on PC using Noxplayer

Now we can play pokemon go for nox player easily. It required a few needings and the most important things mentioned below. Those are,

System RAM Is about 2GB and above
Processor 2GHz or above
Intel Core i3 or above
Hard Disk Space Minimum 2 GB
Graphics Card 1GB
Video Memory 2GB

NOX - Reasons to Use the New Version

Nox is the android supported emulator to download and install pokemon go on pc using a stable network connection. The download process is quite interesting and there you have to changes some settings for better application performances. Without any external help now you can directly download noxplayer app version You can easily find it on the internet.

Rather than the previous versions, the latest update is flexible. The other thing is while playing pokemon via earlier versions users faced several problems such as force close often while play Pokemon go on nox. The reason still not found in this matter. So it is good to use the latest nox update for free with another account and you will have a great opportunity here.

Download Nox

Reasons to use Pokemon Go Nox on PC - Highlights

Last but not least, there are some highlighted points you should know about, why we use the nox player to play pokemon go. Those are,

  • Play Pokemon go on PC
  • Cast in a bigger screen
  • Updated features
  • Updates available
  • Free for your PC
  • Lightweight emulator
  • Catch several Pokemons

The best thing is here you can use fake locations using the help of the GPS feature, therefore the location is not any longer a problem for Pokemon go on pc using.

How can I play Pokemon Nox on PC- Windows?

If you have the essential system requirements this is the time to play pokemon. So let's see how to install the latest nox player and how to play pokémon.

Step 01. First, it is essential to download the nox player. Search box player. The process is already free. You have to download the player comparing device compatibility and such ad Mac or Windows.

Nox Pokemon Go

Step 02. Then you have to download pokémon go apk file. This time also search for the game app and download the latest game version.

Step 03. After completing download nox player and pokémon go apk file, click on install option to begin the process. Here you have to wait for some seconds until the process completed. Click on start.

Nox Pokemon Go

Step 04. After successfully completed the nox player installation process, run it. Here we have to get root access. The best thing is, rather than other emulators, gaining root access on nox player is simple and it takes just only a few minutes.

Step 05. Now you have to tap on the gear icon. Tap on General and you have to turn root on. After that save those changes.

Step 06. This time you need to restart the device after several changes in settings. In the right way, restart your pc. By the way, the nox player will ask to restart, click on the option “Restart” to confirm it.

Step 07. When your pc restarts, nox player will root the device and then it installs pokemon go. Open the nox player latest version and you have to navigate the downloaded Pokemon go apk file to your PC. Next, double-click on the game application apk file to begin to install like the previous time.

Step 08. Then installations start and you need to wait for a few seconds to join the gaming team. Please note after the installation ends. Then click on open to open the installed recent pokemon go version.

    There is something that you should know. That is, if you are a new user, you will face many problems after starting pokemon go. Google or your device will get some issues such as “GPS Signal not found”. Do not get upset about those post error messages. Click on close and open the app again.

    In simply, restart the box player, search for Pokemon go and view it.

Step 09. There you will see a side panel. Click on the paper GPSicon and then a window will display. Click on an address that closes to you or you have to select the location. Click on OK. You can set your fake GPS location.

Step 10. To work with pokemon go, you have added your mail account. it is better to create pokemon go separate account for your PC. It is safe to keep your main account aside and use another account cause there are high chances to ban it.

Now you have successfully completed the process. So enjoy the top ranking game using your pc. While playing it, you will feel like as you there cause of the massive screen o your PC rather than your smaller mobile screen.

Can I play Pokemon Go on PC 2021?

Yes, the latest version of pokemon go with nox 2021 is now released. When talking about playing pokemon go on pc, we always remind Nox. Rather than other opinions, pc with noxplayer is the best android emulator that is working very well. Using computers, we can view the game on a big screen. it is easy to search for everything on the screen and for gaming situations, a big screen is always recommended. If you search for another option to get better viewing games, instead of the phone, PC is the most powerful way that gives you a wonderful AR gaming experience.

Can you still spoof Pokemon Go 2021?

Nox play app includes lots of games and adorable features. When turning back to the earlier time, without nox, users missed plenty of these facilities. But now this is the best ever option, please note it. You can easily play Pokemon go on pc. However, it is, Niantic tries always to forbid users from playing these interesting Pokemon go on pc. For that, Niantic makes several updates to prevent users from spoofing this game. The reason for those things are Google and Niantic often update security updates for safety.

The last Pokemon GO on PC no longer supported for pc devices. There are several news for spoofers and using the noxplayer we can do several changes on settings and it is sure, we can take back play Pokemon go on pc again.

Download Nox Player

Download Nox Pokemon Go